Friday, November 4, 2011

Self Worship vs. Hardcore Christianity

I'm doing a study called the Lord's Table.  I've started it over for the third time because once you get  half-way through, if you don't see the fruit that you should see, they recommend starting over.

Each time I start, I learn more.

Today, what struck me is this statement by Mike Cleveland:

"Most dieters are motivated to lose weight by a desire for personal glory; they want to slim down in order to fit in that outfit, look good at their class reunion, hear others comment on how good they look… or maybe they just want to be healthy and feel better about themselves. As innocuous as these motives may seem, they all grow out of self-worship, which should have no place in the heart of the Christian who professes to worship God."

Self - worship. I wonder how often any of us can see that we are worshiping self.  Whether in the area of dieting or any other area.  

I can see that for me, this is certainly true.  I have tried to rid myself of this attitude but have failed every time.  I think the truth is that I really do love myself more than I love God.  More surgery needed.


  1. Hey, sis! Yep, I got stuck on that statement, too. I made a poster to put on my bathroom door "all for the glory of God". How many times do I have to repeat it to myself? Not my glory! Your glory, Lord. Sigh.

    Lest anyone should think that I had already attained... ;^) Love ya!

  2. certainly causes one to pause and think.....I've been getting the same from my daily devotional readings lately.