Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God answers prayer

Just in case you didn't know.  He does.  It's just a simple statement of fact.

We are seeing healing taking place through the prayers of our church and it is truly a testimony of God's grace.

God desires that His people pray and He desires to answer their prayers.  But how can He answer if we do not ask?

How many times do we ask God to solve a given situation as the very last resort?  How many times do we never ask because we are certain that our ways will solve the situation?  How often do we seek God for direction on how to solve a problem first?

I know I need to work on this.  But what I have been discovering lately is that when I seek God in worship and prayer He is thrilled to respond.

The answers He's been giving are piling up.  What a tremendous blessing!

Recently a situation came up where my son clearly displayed signs of demonic influence.  It was not something new to us, but we hadn't seen it in him for a very long time.  Many times in the past when this has happened we have become angry and said stupid, unhelpful things.

This time, we prayed before addressing him.  Then, while my husband addressed him directly, I went into the other room and prayed and worshiped through song.  My hubby reported that while he really wanted to respond in anger and violence (no, he's not a violent man and never has been, but when someone spews venom and lies at you, believe me, you feel like being violent) instead he calmly talked to him.

For me, I avoided saying something in anger and being hurtful and just focused on God's love and mercy and greatness.

The end result, the spiritual oppression left, my son softened to the point of coming to me on his own and apologizing.  When I immediately accepted his apology and told him I loved him, he just about dove into my arms for a very long hug.  He actually sobbed in my arms and I felt like the peace and love of God came over him.  He let go, and then hugged me again.  All in all it was about 10 minutes worth of hugging and holding.

This is NOT normal.  It was God's power working because we sought Him first.  Will you praise God with me for His tender mercies?

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  1. I'm so glad He was there to influence this situation.
    I understand having difficulties when it comes to praying for guidance first. People, I think, are by nature stubborn and self reliant so asking someone else for help is extremely difficult to do. It takes practice, LOTS of practice for me, but in the end when He is involved the results are exponentially better than anything we could have done alone.