Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Could I be the only one?

I have to admit that I am often frustrated with what I see in the Church.  It's not because I don't appreciate the people there or love them, or that I'm even referring only to my own particular church.   It's that I wonder how things can be as they are and the people still feel that it's all going along pretty well.

I am not suggesting that God is not at work among us.  I am just suggesting that we are not responding terribly well to His work.  I see compromise.  I see excuses.  I see calls for grace when things aren't as they should be(instead of calls to repentance).  I see people telling half truths because it will make people feel better.  I see that so many of us do and say what we do and say so that everyone will like us.  I see us operating out of fear.  I see fear of offending.  Fear of conviction.  Fear of fear.  Fear of spiritual warfare.  Fear, controlling God's Church.

We make claims about what Scripture says based on a single passage and then when someone else does the same but it differs from our point of view, we claim that they are taking things out of context.  Of course, we are never guilty of the same.

It seems as though many times we are told to ask questions, but when we do, there are no answers.  Or if we do, we are told that since we don't really know we'll just go with the majority opinion.  Most people are too afraid to even ask the hard questions out loud for fear of being labeled a heretic.  Or perhaps they are afraid because how they've always believed might not turn out to be right.

Why do most Christian's believe in 'once saved always saved' or 'pre-tribulation rapture'?  Could it be that those are the easiest and most convenient to our continuing on as we are, undisturbed?  What if you can lose your salvation and the scriptures that say so are the 'right ones'?  What if we do have to experience the tribulation and people will be tortured the world over for remaining faithful?  What if Christianity really is hard and God really does expect His people to obey and be perfect as He is perfect?

Most often, I end this diatribe in prayer.  I ask God to show me how to quietly trust Him when things seem so out of control even in His house.  I ask Him to show me what I am to do. (lately that is to pray, and pray, and pray some more.)  I ask Him to bring light and truth to the people. (but I know that when that happens it will be painful for all)  I ask Him to give me grace to not hold it against people, but I am weak and sometimes struggle with that.  I ask God to help me, just to help me.  Help me trust, help me see clearly, help me love, help me offer grace and truth at the same time like Jesus did.

I just wonder, am I the only one?


  1. WOW you know what ? you're not the only one ! I really feel exactly the same as you do ! I could not tell what I feel better than you did (well, except in french ^^). Thank you for opening your heart. I'll pray :-)

  2. Hey, This is Rachel! Long time no see :)

    I just stopped by to say a long overdue hi from PA and read this blog post.

    I do have to say I agree except I don't know if it is really fear holding people back. I think it is most people just are not saved and don't know God. There is a long ritual of going to church because if you didn't it would look bad...

    Anyhow, it is funny that you wrote this. My husband has just been studying the lose or keep your salvation thing. He is leaning toward you can loose it and I am still clinging onto you can't lose it.

    One nice thing about not being in the mainstream "church" (which since when is a building a church anyhow? WE are the church) is we are free to believe what God leads us to. That is good because we are basically questioning everything we ever knew lately.

    We still believe salvation is by God's grace and a FREE GIFT but what about everything else? Like salvation- can you keep it? I believe the same thing about baptism as I always have which is for believing adults- not babies. But what about the Lord's Supper? Is that really a wafer cracker and 1oz juice thing? Should it be wine? Was it passover? Should it be a meal? Or when you die do you really go to heaven? Maybe you go to the earth till you are resurrected. There are lots of verses to support that theory... Sabbath- we changed from Sunday to the 7th day which is Saturday just a few months ago. Why didn't anyone ever teach us that the Catholic "church" changed it????? And what should we really be doing when we meet? Is it a ritual or just good order? Do we need a pastor or can any man teach???? How covered should we be? And the list goes on and on.....

    The more I question the more I realize there is so much to learn. I have been spoon fed for years and swallowed it all. Now it is time to dig in and get some meat. We are cooking for ourselves now and I think God is teaching us alot.

    Maybe we will see you someday.

    BTW I am signed in as my daughter. Oh wells.